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The replica online store, APTBAG, was closed by Order of a United States District Court. The Court found the store to have been unlawful in conduct by offering replica Chanel handbags for sale. The Chanel bags that were being sold by the owners and operators of the online outlet were illegal and unauthorized.

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by , April 5, 2018

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Replica Chanel classic handbags do not stand up to the authentic quality standards of CHANEL. Discount outlets online who offer replica Chanel bags are likely a part of an international counterfeiting ring selling illegal products for profit.

It is best to stay clear of possibly becoming a victim to criminal organizations who sell replica Chanel handbags in order to support their further crimes. Potential risks could include exposure to substandard or harmful materials, an aggregate of scams and perhaps even identity theft.

Legitimate businesses, including CHANEL, does not consent to the unauthorized use of federally registered monograms and designs on illegal products such as replica handbags. Unauthorized merchandise is not CHANEL. Authentic CHANEL is found at the CHANEL boutiques and the official website of CHANEL,

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