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The replica online store, APTBAG, was closed by Order of a United States District Court. The Court found the store to have been unlawful in conduct by offering replica Chanel handbags for sale. The Chanel bags that were being sold by the owners and operators of the online outlet were illegal and unauthorized.

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If you follow this simple rule, everything you buy are more likely stand up to the expectations you set for yourself. Especially while shopping for a designer handbag, keep this one rule in mind.

Be sure to purchase only the authentic, and not a fake.

There is no need to buy a replica bag just because you like the designer, because a replica does not support the designer. Worse yet, buying a fake Chanel purse supports criminal organizations who glom on to the potential profits that they hope to make from using the CHANEL name and designs.

A discount is not a sufficient reason to buy a knockoff. If the authentic price tag seems high right now, hold off until the right time comes along. Carrying a fake handbag could imply to others an approval and backing of criminal activity.

Authentic Vs. Real

Replica Chanel is never comparable to the real thing. You may find some people who attempt to compare fakes vs. real, but in reality there is no comparision. Make sure not to be swayed by any of their pro-fake opinions. Many of them are out to take your money and probably should not be trusted.

So follow this one rule about shopping to make sucessful purchases: Get only the authentic.